Yotam Hadar

Graphic Designer

  • Logo info & credits:


    1—Flow – Completed while working at Danny Goldberg Design

    2—Languages Matter (proposal) – UNESCO’s initiative promoting linguistic diversity and multilingualism

    3—Theaterstunde – the German theatre season

    4—Kalava – Relaxing drink (proposal) – Freelance project for Dress Code, NYC (CD: Dan Covert, Andre Andreev)

    5—“Bread of the Land” – modern kosher supermarket 

    6—The Acco Festival of Alternative Theatre (proposal)

    7—Tufinit – A chocolate maker

    8—Free WeiWei

    9—SHL’s 20th Anniversary – Completed while working at Danny Goldberg Design

Various Logos

Various Marks & Shapes

  • Logo and identity system for a network of schools offering multidisciplinary preparatory courses for architecture and design colleges. Developed around an array of basic Bauhausian shapes, coupled with geometric icons representing the school’s 5 design departments and a mechanical, utilitarian typeface. 

    Completed as a freelance project for Wicked Branding



  • Logo proposal for a new brand of mineral water,
    enriched with natural herbs and essences. 

    “Best of Nation” award recipient at the WOLDA 2008 logo competition. 

    Completed while working at Danny Goldberg Design



  • 3 design for HD channel logos for Yes DBS (Israel’s sole satellite television provider), to lock-up with their existing spherical logo.

    Completed as a freelance project for Promotheus
    (CD: Ifat Raz), Tel Aviv. 


Yes HD Channels

  • A revised logotype and packaging concept for a chain of makeup stores. The proposal suggested to stay with Helvetica, the company’s typeface (currently used in ALL CAPS), while trying to “effeminize” it with U&lc and a Garamond touch. 

    Completed while working at Open TBE (CD: Sa’ar Friedman), Tel Aviv


Il Makiage

  • A trilingual (Hebrew-Arabic-English) city-wide wayfinding signage system for Tel-Aviv, currently in first-phase pilot stages – a demo route is underway.

    Freelance project for The League (CD: Koby Levy) 


Tel-Aviv pedestrian wayfinding system

  • Material sacks for AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions (anywaysolutions.com), a company providing soil stabilization products and other materials that help build roads, housing and natural infrastructure solutions in developing countries by multinational teams. Taking the language barriers into account, two design proposals were offered: in one, a set of basic icons, each representing the function of the product, and designed to be easily replicated using hand gestures, thereby providing a method for non-verbal communication. The second option, (ultimately chosen) consisted of marking each sack with the respective first letter of the material it contains, and was based on the face that all names began with basic, distinguishable consonants.

    Completed while working at Danny Goldberg Design


Anyway Sacks

  • An icon-based identity system for Glida Be’er Sheva, one of Israel’s largest and oldest chain of ice-cream parlours. The icons’ concept marry the vernacular of shipping & moving, humorously replacing the contents with ice cream. The work included ideating and copywriting. (The texts translate to: “watch out for drips”, “do not stack”, “cup or cone?”, “free delivery”, “fragile” etc)

    Completed as a freelance project for Open TBE. CD: Sa’ar Friedman.


Beer Sheva Ice Cream

  • A leading Chinese electronics manufacturer launching product distributing its in Israel as a pilot for global distribution). It was decided to use the company’s Chinese origin as an advantage, and not conceal it as the company’s market competitors were doing. The idea was to emphasize China’s prosperous economy and technological advantages, in an effort to shift the poor common perception of Chinese goods in Israel. This decision was interpreted graphically by combining Hisense’s products with traditional Chinese icons, colors and ornaments, and was used consistently throughout all marketing materials, including billboards, ad campaigns, packaging and TV commercials. 

    Completed while working at Open TBE (CD: Sa’ar Friedman), Tel Aviv



  • Naming, logo- and identity design for a new media venture providing a platform for web-based press conferences. Headed by renowned Israeli journalists and a tech savvy PR firm, PressCast’s identity needed to represent its journalistic roots and reputation together with its innovative web technology. The capital “P” mark, with its “Play”-Button counter, was juxtaposed with a classic typographic arrangement and rules inspired by newspaper mastheads, together creating an appropriate and flexible visual language.

    Completed while working at Open TBE (CD: Sa’ar Friedman), Tel Aviv



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