Yotam Hadar

Graphic Designer

  • Lead designer for the redesign project of Maariv / nrg.co.il – one of Israel’s most popular new sites (~200K unique/day), own by the 2nd biggest daily paper. Beside the site’s outdated design and code, specific problems needed to be addressed with the redesign – poor SEO, cumbersome photo editing requirements, not enough commercial real-estate, a narrow, limiting grid etc. The site’s redesign announcement was followed by over 1200 heated user comments, mostly referring to the new design as “too clean,” “undesigned,” “boring,” and “conservative.” Since its redesign, the site is continuously gaining popularity (including much longer stays), producing more income, and relying on a smaller team to maintain itself. (This version was online from 2009 and was recently updated)

    Completed while working at Maariv (CD: Amir Hadad)



  • Founded "Reading Forms – Exhibiting Graphic Design Exhibitions" – a blog-shaped depository of hyperlinks and images of graphic design exhibitions, and of other situations that are visually, thematically or conceptually related. Reading Forms tries to examine modes and forms of presentation, observation, curation and interaction in the recontextualized display of graphic design.



  • My eternal ”under construction” site/index, inspired by bouncing DVD logo screensavers.

    JavaScript by Meir Sadan


yotamhadar.com 2010–2012

  • Face.com's face-recognition photo-sharing app for the iPhone. Responsibilities included branding proposals, overseeing all app typography, constructing a set of photo filters, several screen designs (from early conceptual to deliverable) and participation in IA sessions. In June 2012 Face.com was acquired by Facebook for ~$60M and shut down Klik.  

    Completed as a freelance project for BaconOppenheim 

    (CD: Dani Bacon, Hovav Oppenheim), Tel Aviv



  • Several design proposals of a portfolio site for a leading interactive design and development firm. 



  • 2 design proposals for the "JamStar Virtual Guitar Teacher"web app 

    Completed as a freelance project for Succary Design, Tel Aviv



  • A website design proposal for an online magazine (with an offline publishing entity) of Jewish-oriented Journalism. The logo’s B counter was altered to suggest the Tablets of Stone. 

    Completed as a freelance project for Project Projects
    (CD: Prem Krishnamurthy, Rob Giampietro), New York. 


Tablet Magazine

  • Website design for Israel’s leading firm in designing, manufacturing and marketing kitchens. The UI, colours and compositions were inspired by their products design.

    Completed as a freelance project for Feelternet, Tel Aviv 


Regba Kitchens

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