Yotam Hadar

Graphic Designer

  • While the common model for Hebrew and English bilingual publications is creating two opposite covers and two separate narratives uncomfortably meeting in the center of the book (due to opposite writing directions), in this 200-page bilingual catalog for the inaugural exhibition of the Design Museum Holon, Hebrew and English texts wese positioned inverse one to the other, allowing both languages to flow together, one alongside the other in the same direction, creating a unidirectional reading, while sharing reference images.

    The exhibition was divided into 8 thematic groups, each represented in the book in a separate signature, wrapped by the relevant cover pages and indices, printed on paper of different stock and size. The same dividers are reused as cover pages for the essays preceding the image section.

    Art Directors Club Bronze Cube Winner

    Completed as a freelance project for Shual
    (CD: Guy Saggee), Tel Aviv. 


The State of Things

  • A bilingual, bidirectional, 400-page pocket-sized catalog/programme/index. The challenge was creating a memorable object under budgetory constrains and complex content, without losing functionality. The outer edges of the book’s pages were used to print two images (the Festival’s logo and Muybridge’s galloping horse) that would appear on the the two fore-edges of the book. When closed, the two images interweave, creating a new one. 

    Golden Star recipient, The Israel Community of Designers

    Completed as a freelance project for Shual, Tel Aviv


13th International Student Film Festival catalogue

  • A set of 2 double-sided posters concluding the “Theaterstunde” project by Goethe-Institut – a year of promoting Israeli-German cultural collaboration through a series of theater-related events and productions. 68x98cm each, printed in gold and black.

    Completed as a freelance project for Shual, Tel Aviv. 


Theaterstunde Poster

  • Programme and Poster for the german season at the independent “Tmuna” theater.  Based around a typographic system which interweaves German and Hebrew texts, much like the staged shows themselves. 

    Completed as a freelance project for Shual
    (CD: Guy Saggee), Tel Aviv. 


German Season at Tmuna Theater

Meitar Ensemble Programme

  • Designing and editing a limited edition book celebrating The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s 70th anniversary. Signed by Music Director Zubin Mehta, the book was distributed during a festive series of concerts, featuring renowned international soloists, whose performances are documented in the book, along with historical photos picked from the orchestra’s archives. together composing an orchestral and storytelling layout. 

    The publication of the book triggered an identity update, in an attempt to transform the orchestra from a tired institution to a more appealing cultural body. In addition to the book, the orchestra’s international newsletter was redesigned, and a billboard campaign was introduced.

    Completed while working at Danny Goldberg Design


The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s 70th Anniversary Book

  • A bilingual (Hebrew and English) exhibition catalog / artist book featuring the work of renowned Israeli painter Itzhak Livne, designed to accompany Livne’s retrospective solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Studying Livne’s work provided us with one of the key visual “hooks” for the book – Livne uses a bright orange base layer (gesso) in all of his paintings. We interpreted it graphically as a gentle inner glow emerging from inside the book. The exhibition catalog received a favorable review by respected Israeli art critic Ruti Director in the Ha’aretz newspaper book review section, Israel’s most Influential book review publications: “...it is a handsome object, tempting and sensual... ...Astonishment is what one might feel when holding this book in his hands, colorful and enticing, it winks deviantly... ...The text pages, in pink and orange, have a gentle orange powder scattered where they meet. When reading, that orange is bursting forth from inside the book. Take me, touch me, the book says. Hold me, feel me.”

    Freelance work for Danny Goldberg Design


Itzhak Livne – Astonishment

  • A set of 2 posters designed around a quote by James Cubitt. Commissioned by Design Space gallery for an exhibition dealing with the meeting points of architecture and graphic design.

    A0 size, printed by a large format printer typically used to plot architectural plans.



Architecture is… poster

  • Stamp design proposal comissioned by the Israel Postal Company. (Rejected)


Koren Jerusalem Bible – 50 Years stamp

  • A registration bulletin for The Musrara School of Arts, featuring a book-within-a-book, where the outside pages contain student portraits and selected works, and the inside booklet contain registration and departmental information. The inner layout echoes the dimension of the external booklet. 

    Designed in collaboration with Amnon Illuz for Re-Levant Design 


Musrara Bulletin 2012

  • A flexible set of Hebrew PDF type specimens for the Alef Alef Alef type foundry to be used online and in print.


Alef Alef Alef Catalogue

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